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Mens lifestyle blog teaching you how to look good, featuring grooming advice and skincare tips to suit your lifestyle. Read grooming products reviews.

Winter skin care guide for men

Winter skin care guide for men

Cracked lips, red nose and/or dry itchy patches are things that most of us suffer occasionally in the winter. Even if you have really good skin the rest of the year, it’s likely you are not immune from a few bad skin days. Find out why and how to look after your skin in our winter skin care guide for men.
Look good in three easy steps

Look good in three easy steps

The pressure to look good is on, guys. Part of it may well be down to shiny adverts in glossy magazines brought by big brands keen to sell their products and aided by gorgeous models and gifted PhotoShop wizards. The bottom line is: guys are expected to look good.
Winter hair care tips for men. Photo: Joe Hart in Head & Shoulders advert.

Winter hair care tips for men

The negative effect winter weather has on your hair is due to the drastic changes between the cold air outside and the hot and dry air indoors. That leads to moisture loss and a dry, itchy scalp. If you wear a hat to keep warm (and you should), then you have the “hat hair” problem too. Here are my winter hair care tips for men.





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