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New Year resolutions skinny guys should stick to - build muscles

New Year resolutions skinny guys should stick to

We are well into February and I challenge you to name at least 3 of your New Year resolutions. Mine is to visit a Scandinavian country this year. It’s probably to do with my love of snow and the lack of it in England. Now that we had our bit of snow, however, I feel like my visit to Scandinavia is half done.
Winter hair care tips for men. Photo: Joe Hart in Head & Shoulders advert.

Winter hair care tips for men

The negative effect winter weather has on your hair is due to the drastic changes between the cold air outside and the hot and dry air indoors. That leads to moisture loss and a dry, itchy scalp. If you wear a hat to keep warm (and you should), then you have the “hat hair” problem too. Here are my winter hair care tips for men.
Bodybuilding and tattoos – are they a good match?

Bodybuilding and tattoos – are they a good match?

The debate about bodybuilding and tattoos is a divider and it’s here to stay. There aren't many tattooed fitness models on the covers of our favourite men’s lifestyle magazines. Bodybuilding competitions’ judges also seem to have a view on tattooed competitors. Here is my [personal] view on bodybuilding and tattoos.





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The 360Fly is mountable on a variety of different sports equipment: from helmets to surfboards to a tiny tripod.

360Fly and 360MicroFly – 360° HD video cameras

Just when you think that everything’s been invented and available to buy, somebody comes up with a product that makes you say: “Wow, I...
leica m10

Leica M10