leica m10 silver
Leica M10 silver edition.

The new Leica M10 is the perfect balance of long-established traditions and innovation. Its functions have been adapted to meet the needs of modern photography without compromising on the principles of the iconic M-System.

The Leica M10 sets a new milestone in the history of the Leica M photography. It features more compact dimensions, improved performance and intuitive handling.


The M10 features the ideal ergonomics of the analogue M-Models but it’s thinner and designed for a perfect fit in the hands of the modern-day photographer. Its top plate is 4mm slimmer than that of its close relative – the Leica M Typ 240. That makes the Leica M10 the slimmest digital M to date.


The rangefinder in the Leica M10 remains true to the heritage of the Leica M-System. Its focusing technology has been optimised to improve the view of the subject. The field of view is 30% larger and the magnification is increased to 0.73.

The distance between the eye and the viewfinder is also increased by 50%. That makes the viewfinder much more comfortable to use, especially by those photographers who wear glasses.

leica m10
The new Leica M10 silver edition


The Leica M10 features a 24 MP, full-frame CMOS sensor. It improves the imagining performance of the camera by improving key parameters such as dynamic range, contrast rendition, sharpness and the resolution of details.

The omission of a low-pass filter also ensures that the Leica M10 delivers maximum sharpness. This leads to significantly better imaging results, especially in the case of wide-angles and very fast lenses.

The ISO of the M10 enables the photographer to take exposures at values between 100 and 50,000. The noise characteristics at the higher ISO settings are considerably improved too.

Handling of the Leica M10

The handling of the Leica M10 is intuitive and reduced to essentials. There is only one joystick and three buttons on the back of the camera. The top plate of the camera features one of its most distinctive features – the ISO setting dial.

The Leica M10 is the first digital Leica M to offer a manual selection of all the essential shooting parameters: focusing, aperture, shutter speed and ISO value.

“The new M, the M10! Not a camera for everyone – but increasingly a camera for people who love a system that is built for the future while maintaining consistent compatibility with its past.” – Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, majority shareholder and chairman of the supervisory board of Leica Camera AG.

For more information, head to the Leica website at leica-camera.com