Instagram photo challenge

I am slowly starting to regain my passion for Instagram. It’s a great app and I love photography. It’s also a great place where like minded individuals can meet to share ideas and offer advice and tips. I like to follow people who share their nutrition and workouts. That’s why I decided to start the Skinny Muscles Instagram photo challenge.

Before we get to the actual photo challenge, let me tell you a little story about me and Instagram. When it first came out, the world’s favourite photo sharing app was the only social media, as such, that I cared about. I had a personal account and I used to be very regular in sharing snaps of things that I did or came across. Then Facebook bought it and I deleted all of my pictures, my account and I lost all of my followers in the process.

A bit stupid, really. You wouldn’t cease to support Manchester United just because Sir Alex Ferguson is no longer the manager, would you? FYI: I am not a football fan and this is just an example. I don’t really support nor follow any football teams.

Now back to the Instagram photo challenge. I notice that many of you click on Skinny Muscles’ Instagram page (the link is the footer menu). Yay, good news – you want to connect with your favourite fitness blog. Nay – the account has only 105 followers 🙁

As somebody who is a self-confessed social media fobie, I am happy with that number. As a website owner, I would like to see that number go up.

To make you all an active and treasured part of the Skinny Muscles’ family on Instagram, I have designed a 30-day Instagram photo challenge. It is a challenge but it is designed around everyday things and tasks that you do anyway.

How to enter the Skinny Muscles’ Instagram photo challenge

Entry is really simple and easy. You need to have an Instagram account and follow Skinny Muscles. Assuming that you have done that, you then need to find the #SkinnyMusclesPhotoChallenge picture on our timeline and tag yourself on it.

You will find your daily photo challenges listed in the picture you just tagged yourself on.

The challenge

The challenge is to share 30 photos that are related to your daily fitness activities. Take the pictures on daily basis. Don’t cheat by recycling old photos. Be original and only upload pictures that are yours.

Share your daily pictures using #SkinnyMusclesPhotoChallenge and don’t forget to tag Skinny Muscles in them. I will do random shout-outs of the pictures that I like.

What’s in it for you?

The rewards from doing this challenge depend on your commitment. This is an opportunity to connect with other fitness enthusiasts or people who are on a mission to change their appearance in one way or another. It’s also a great motivational tool on day to day basis. Completing the challenge will leave you with sense of achievement and motivation for the next month. It sounds silly but it’s true.

Make it interesting

Instagram is full of pictures. Make yours different. Don’t just grab your phone taking random snaps. Put some thought into it. Take a few pictures of the subject, play with different filters, add text and see what works and what doesn’t. Be selective and only share pictures you are proud of and want others to see. “Quality over quantity” comes to mind.

Enough of my “wisdoms”. Head over to Instagram and start the Skinny Muscles’ Instagram photo challenge. Good luck!