Being on holiday and providing for some “me” time on the blog

It’s time for another blog update – just so you don’t feel left out. Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you know that I am on my summer holiday (slash) vacation. Even though I went to the lake District and Scotland a couple of months ago, this is my main summer holiday.

For the third year running, I have chosen to spend it in France; In a lovely gite near the river Dordogne about 20 km from Bergerac.

It really is as idyllic as it sounds (for a middle-aged single guy who is fast approaching his midlife crisis). It’s perfect for sightseeing, walking, running, canoeing and anything else you can possibly want to do on your summer holiday. Not to mention the great wine and cheese. You tend to replace the vodka and RedBull with wine and cheese and/or gin and tonic as you get older – just wait and see.

There’s, of course, a nice swimming pool which I have all to myself for when I feel like doing nothing but sunbathing and swimming (which is pretty much every other day). It is when you are lazing about by the pool that you have plenty of time to think about “things”.

You come across plenty of “things” that inspire you. You also reflect on the past and look for ways to improve the future. Either that or you are too hungover and by the time you sober up, your holiday is over and you are back at work (or school/uni).

Also, you would have noticed that, even though on holiday, I still publish new articles (or blog posts if you prefer). Earlier this week (and for the first time time on the blog) I published a reply to a reader’s email who struggles to keep motivated.

He wanted to know what motivates me and I based the article on my personal experience. Of course this is not the first time I had an email asking me about my experience and personal advice. In the past I’ve dealt with such “enquiries” in private.

I now realise that by keeping my own experiences and struggles to gain weight and look half decent private, I deprive the blog from personality. After all, it was my desperation to gain weight that made me create Skinny Muscles. The blog was my way of making sure I keep on target.

I also realise that as a reader, you would find it much easier to relate to the content of the blog if there was a personal element to it. That’s why I have decided to start publishing my struggles, how I dealt with them and how I manage to keep on top of it all.

I have even written a list of potential articles I like to publish for your reading pleasure while I am enjoying my holiday. Doing lists and trying to stay organised is another thing you start doing when you hit a “certain age” 🙂

I am also going to publish replies to readers emails, so hit the Contact page if you have a question or need a bit of a kick to get going.

Now you are up to date with Skinny Muscles’ new direction, even if you’ve lived under a rock for the past couple of weeks.

PS: I needed to attach a picture to this article and thought that this one goes rather well with the opening paragraph and “living under a rock”. It’s a picture that I took last week at Cabretets on the banks of the river Lot in France. Now you also know that people do, indeed, still live under rocks 🙂

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