Get the look of Bruno Mars for less: 1 Tuxedo jacket; 2 Fedora; 3 Bow tie; 4 Pants; 5 Shirt; 6 Shoes.
Get the look of Bruno Mars for less: 1 Tuxedo jacket; 2 Fedora; 3 Bow tie; 4 Pants; 5 Shirt; 6 Shoes.

One of the best things about transforming your body is that anything looks good on you. You can show it off with well fitted clothes. Get the look of the “Runaway Baby” Bruno Mars and show everyone how good it feels to have a body you are proud of.

Even if you live in the cold and rainy (or snowy of late) UK, you can still wear clothes that turn the attention to your pumped pecs, bulging biceps and toned legs. This week I am going to use Bruno Mars and his photoshoot for the April cover of GQ magazine as inspiration for the first ever “get the look” section of Skinny Muscles.

When you think of tuxedo jacket, bow tie and fedora (hat), you imagine a cigar-smoking gent in his 50s not a Locked Out Of Heaven pop-star in his 20s. Mr T. (as Bruno Mars refers to himself when at home) makes this combo look über cool and appropriate for any important occasion in a young man’s life.

Get the look of Bruno Mars for less

He looks so comfortable and laid back in his outfit that it’s difficult not to want to be in his clothes. You could… if you have $3,560 [£2,344] to spend on the designer gear. I don’t know about you, but if I had that kind of cash, I most certainly would have a stylist too.

Fortunately we don’t have to spend like Bruno Mars to look as cool as he does. The high street and the Internet offer plenty of alternatives. Here is my selection for you:

  1. Tuxedo jacket – Black skinny fit fleck blazer, single breasted 1 button fastening, with full black leather look lapels (TopMan – £90.00)
  2. Fedora – Black porkpie hat (TopMan – £25.00)
  3. Bow tie – Black self tie bow tie (TopMan – £14.00)
  4. Pants – Grey Gatsby skinny fit suit trousers (TopMan – £50.00)
  5. Shirt – Blue long sleeve best cotton textured shirt (TopMan – £26.00)
  6. Shoes – Hudson Dylan round toe shoes (TopMan – £100.00)

That’s my take on Bruno Mars’ outfit for the April cover of GQ magazine. You can get the look for a grand total of £215 [$326] which is more than 10 times cheaper than Bruno’s designer gear.

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