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Mens fitness blog with information and advice on diets and meal plans for skinny guys who want to gain weight and build muscles.

Protein rich foods - fact sheet

Protein rich foods

Anyone who is looking to gain weight, build muscles or just adopt a healthier lifestyle, would have come across the subject of protein rich foods. That is because protein is one of the major factors for muscle repair and growth. A diet consisting of protein rich foods, therefore, is the foundation of building a better healthier body.
How to choose a diet and stick to it until you see results

How to choose a diet and stick to it until you see results

Dieting is normally associated with weight loss. Those who are on a diet because they are too skinny and want to gain weight often go unnoticed. Let’s start with the basics and learn how to find a diet and stick to it.




chicken wraps with kale recipe

Chicken wraps with kale recipe

I can’t believe I haven’t made my own wraps before. They are the easiest thing to do and are so versatile: you can have...