fitness wear house white t-shirt
Gym wear from the Fitness Wearhouse.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s not a big secret that for the past four months (or so) I’ve been going to the gym three to four times a week. Even though my body is far from being fitness model material (yet), it’s nice when friends compliment me on my physique. I am not going to lie, it feels good and it keeps me motivated.

Of course there are days when I don’t feel 100% enthusiastic about going to the gym but fortunately these days are few and far between. A bigger dilemma for me is what to wear. I don’t want to be too flashy but I don’t want to completely blend into my gym’s grey interior either.

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My solution is simple: wear white T-Shirts with slogans. Not the hard core bodybuilder string vest types though. I don’t have the body for them and I find them unnecessary intimidating. Luckily for me there is now a gym wear company that specialises in T-Shirts and vests for those who like going to the gym but don’t “smash” their workouts and don’t turn-on the “beast mode”.

The Fitness Wearhouse is an independent alternative gym wear company started by personal trainer and fellow fitness blogger – Stephen Hoyles. They sell a wide range of T-Shirts and vests for men.

Here’s what Stephen says about his company:

“I set up Fitness Wearhouse this year [2014] as an independent alternative gym wear company. It was born out of me noticing more and more people wearing generic, boring T-Shirts in the gym and the increasing frequency with which brands like Jack Wills and Hollister were making their way into the gym.

I myself am a gym user and noticed how little difference there was/is between most of the major brands in fitness. The market seemed ready for a new brand with a bit of personality to make an appearance, and Fitness Wearhouse aims to be just that.

I want to appeal to guys who like the gym but don’t subscribe to the pseudo-aggressive attitude that goes with it. We don’t “smash” workouts or go into “beast mode”, we just go to the gym, enjoy the work and the effects, and get on with a rounded, successful life!”

That’s what I like about the Fitness Wearhouse: they recognise the fact that (contrary to popular belief) not everyone who goes to the gym is a hard core bodybuilder. This is reflected in the funny slogans of the products they sell.

I have a couple of their T-Shirts and am extremely happy with them. They are made from 100% cotton which makes them very comfortable to wear. I’ve washed and ironed mine quite a few times and happy to report that they still hold their shape and the prints haven’t faded.

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