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A freelance journalist, web editor and a skinny guy on a mission to gain weight, build muscles and look good. I also travel and take pictures.
A man doing body weight exercise

Over exercise – the dangers of exercising too much

Working out regularly is a must if you are on a mission to build muscles. Exercise should be combined with a good diet and plenty of recovery time between sessions. Ambitions for achieving goals quickly can drive us to over exercise and put our health at risk.
Eating tips for skinny guys who want to gain weight

Eating tips for skinny guys who want to gain weight

Ask anyone the simple question: How to gain weight? and I guarantee you that their answer will be just as simple: Eat more! It is stating the obvious, but you do need to eat more to gain more. Eating matters.
A man flexing his biceps

Fitness apps – how to choose the right ones

Fitness apps on your mobile can be a great motivational tool. Find the application which reflects your personal objectives, set it up properly, use it and you are making the technology work for you. You do the hard work, the app logs it. Seeing the changes in the numbers as you progress gives you an instant boost.
Marc Megna doing triceps workout

Your perfect body – get it right from the beginning

Our obsession with appearance and body image seems to be stronger than ever. Whether it’s bigger biceps and pecs or a six pack, we are all in pursuit of the perfect body. Establishing a few rules of thumb would ensure a smooth ride to your perfect body.
Better skin in 3 steps: Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise

Better skin in 3 steps: Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise

Perhaps we don’t think of it that way, but skin is our body’s biggest organ. It protects our muscles and internal organs from external damage. Dry or oily, hairy or smooth, dark or light - the type of our skin is genetically determined.
New Year resolutions skinny guys should stick to - build muscles

New Year resolutions skinny guys should stick to

We are well into February and I challenge you to name at least 3 of your New Year resolutions. Mine is to visit a Scandinavian country this year. It’s probably to do with my love of snow and the lack of it in England. Now that we had our bit of snow, however, I feel like my visit to Scandinavia is half done.
Gain weight - diet basics for skinny guys

Gain Weight – diet basics for skinny guys

Eating the right foods at right intervals and following an appropriate diet, are the key factors to gain weight. Working out alone is not going to do the trick. You need to exercise your muscles to encourage them to grow, but you also need to provide them with the right nutrition and diet.
A close up of a man's pecks and six pack abs

Build Muscles – Workout basics for skinny guys

Exercise is the most important part of muscle building. You don’t need me to tell you how important and obvious working out is. Your muscles need to be worked out if you want them to grow and get ripped (or toned, or defined if you prefer). Why?
Nutrition advice for skinny guys

Nutrition advice for skinny guys

The most important factor in muscle building is nutrition. Your nutrition should be based on carbohydrates and protein. Why? Carbohydrates are a perfect source of energy for your body and your body uses protein to repair and grow your muscles. You can’t expect your muscles to grow just because you work out. Your muscles need their fuel. And they need that fuel regularly.



Florian Bornschier German fitness model and personal trainer

Fitness model interview: Florian Bornschier

Florian Bornschier is a 24 year old personal trainer and fitness model from Germany. He is the first German fitness model on Skinny Muscles but more importantly, he is Men’s Health Cover Contest Finalist 2013. In this exclusive interview, Florian talks about his involvement with fitness and shares his tips about working out and dieting.