Have you done your New Year’s Resolution yet? Oh, you have. Let me guess – you want a new body and a healthier lifestyle. No? Actually, it doesn’t matter what’s on that list. The chances are – you will forget about it as quickly as it took you to write it. Instead of wasting time on another New Year’s Resolution, set your goals and achieve them.

Publishing New Year’s Resolutions is part of Skinny Muscles’ editorial calendar. If you do a search, you’ll see the ones from the past couple of years. Even though there are only two, I can’t publish another one without going on about the same things.

That’s why, I’ve decided to start 2014 with a list of DON’Ts instead of a New Year’s Resolution. Here goes:

5. Don’t make a New Year’s Resolution, make new goals

Writing the same things at the beginning of each year and doing nothing to make them happen is pretty pointless. Instead of setting yourself for failure, make new goals and work for them. Don’t waste another year of your life hoping and wishing! Get off your butt and make your wishes come true.

4. Don’t live with old memories, create new ones

Christmas and New Year are indeed times for reflection and looking back. Be proud of your achievements, learn from your mistakes and move on. Don’t get stuck in the past because you can’t change it. You have the rest of your life ahead of you to make a change and create bigger, better memories.

3. Don’t tolerate old “friends”, make new ones

“You can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends.” Don’t be afraid of letting “friends” go. We meet people all the time. Some of them become good friends while others are just acquaintances. It’s not very healthy to have people around you who don’t share your interests and don’t support your ambitions.

Start with your Facebook friends. If you have people who are just there to keep the numbers up, get rid of them. Leave the ones you interact with and those who are really close to you in real life. The rest of them matter very little and, if anything, they won’t even notice when you “unfriend” them.

2. Don’t live with your bad habits, get rid of them

If you have any habits that stand between you and your goals, get rid of them. It may be obvious, but if you want a new body and healthy life, you shouldn’t be smoking, drinking and partying until the early hours of the morning.

Don’t replace your existing bad habits with new ones either! If you smoke, just quit. Your willpower will help you quit, not patches, chewing gum and other gimmicks.

1. Don’t wish for your dreams, work for them

It’s become a bit of a cliché but if you want your dreams to come true, you need to work for them. The harder you work, the quicker your dreams will come true. Nothing is impossible if you work at it.

The point of this article is to make you realise that you are in charge of your own destiny. Don’t wait for somebody else to do the hard work for you because nobody is that generous and selfless. It’s your life and you are in charge. Don’t live by someone else’s rules, make your own rules and follow them.